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Selasa, 13 April 2021 | Log Masuk
Selayang Council Confiscate A total of 5 Lorry Suspected to be Involved in illegal dumping of Rubbis
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Tarikh : 10/02/2021 Capaian : 42
Keterangan : The pile is made of clean products and dust and word spots Zeshu laughs at the shop. (Selayang News, 9th) Selayang City Council confiscation. A total of 5 results are suspected to be involved in illegal dumping of rubbish Lory, the same Shi also issued fines totaling RM1,000 to the suspects By. The Selayang City Council issued a statement today stating that.The city council visited several illegal garbage black areas last week. When the supervision was launched, it was discovered that the garbage was dumped illegally. Activities to take action; the authorities are citing the Collection,' Disposal and Disposal of Garbage Act to ban, package Including confiscation and issuing counter orders. The Luo Shi involved has been confiscated and temporarily sent to The warehouse in Rawang, the city council gave 30 days Jian Bei returned. 1 The driver replied by filling the taxi. The statement also pointed out that the authorities were on the 4th of this month 3 cases of illegal dumping of garbage were found locally, with 2 results. When Lori Roro, who was carrying rubbish, was found, Going to Kampung Sungai Golden Gold Kampung Sungai Confiscated multiple vehicles And illegal dumping Lory. Send garbage every time Garbage or construction waste Lory is sending illegally. When the garbage dump is conspired, Issued by city council officials Now. (Chinehin) Illegal garbage dumps in the area, one of them Lory carrying construction waste is going to number 1414. The driver was found to fill in Local work is an excuse for "exemption". Another Lory that was confiscated Garbage and construction materials are sent to Kampong Sungai Busu (Kampung Sungai Pusu) a garbage dump throw away. The statement also stated that the City Council subsequently In Kampong Sungai Busu and Rawang Guan Township Cui (Bandar Country Homes) M Aruna Close forest area, banned 2 illegal garbage activities Lory. The City Council warned that any illegal dumping 9 Will be lied under the existing laws The City Council also urges the public to Legal waste activities must be submitted to the authorities.